A Factual Sneak Peek into the World of Men’s Vans Trainers

Men’s Vans trainers are extremely popular. Many love the trainers because they are affordable. Many love the comfort. Some find the cost and the comfort to be in a fine balance while the durability is not in doubt. You may or may not have slid your feet into men’s Vans trainers. If you haven’t, then you should. The classic styles or the contemporary hues, the comfortable and relatively reasonable men’s Vans trainers are a delight. While there are hundreds of variants you can choose from, here is a factual sneak peek into the world of men’s Vans trainers.

  • Vans makes men’s trainers in all sizes. You could get a size 6.5 or a size 16. Obviously the average sizes will have more options. Other than the classic designs, men’s Vans trainers can be classified in numerous styles. One element of the trainers is the silhouette. You could opt for a low top profile or a high top silhouette, a slip-on design or a mid top one, an original classic or sandal or a boot style.
  • There are more than a dozen hues you can choose from. Black, blue, brown, white, red, gray and multicolored are the most popular hues. You can also check out cream, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow and tan. You can choose certain distinct patterns. There’s solid, novelty, checkerboard, tribal, animal, paisley, floral, perforated, plaid, ikat, camo, galaxy, tie dye, Americana, stripe, marble and palm.
  • Men’s Vans shoes are typically made of canvas, suede, leather, vegan, novelty and synthetic materials. MTE, rubber, denim, hemp, fleece, cork, wool and corduroy are also used in some shoes. Canvas or fabric with synthetic sole would be the most common combination for men’s Vans trainers.
  • While Vans is one of the more affordable brands of men’s trainers, you would get the simplest designs priced at less than twenty five. Spending over a hundred is almost unheard of when it comes to men’s Vans trainers. Most people would be looking at twenty five to fifty bucks and there are dozens of men’s vans trainers in that range. But the most fascinating ones would be in the price range of fifty to seventy five bucks.

2016 is witnessing some amazing new designs and the inventory of men’s Vans trainers is certainly becoming more interesting. This is a great time to pick your favorite trainers.