Mens Jeans For Body Types – Average Guys

With so many different varieties of Jeans and each new pair of Jeans having a million different features, it’s hard to know what to buy. But if you’re a man of average build, fear no more. This very simple guide will show you the right jeans for you.

If You’re looking for style…

pittsboro jeansthen look no further than Boot Cut. The nature of the hem of these jeans means that you no longer need to worry about how your shoes look as they are covered by the bottom of the jeans, so you can wear your work boots, your knackered old trainers or your embarrassing shoes that your mom got you without losing any of your street cred. If you’re shopping for a pair of these beauties then you’ll struggle to find better value than bootcut pittsboro mens wrangler jeans at

If you’re looking for comfort…

then a pair of athletic cut jeans is right for you. Athletic cut jeans are a delightful medley of the flared hem of a boot cut, the spaciousness you’ll find in a relaxed fit, and the comfy seat from a straight leg.

If you’re looking for style AND comfort…

then you’ll be wanting a pair of straight fit mens wrangler jeans. These Jeans don’t just make you look good but they also surprisingly comfortable to wear. They are a real throwback to some of the classic mens wrangler jeans of yesteryear. While they may not have the outlandish nature of some of the latest varieities of jeans, these classy throwbacks are absolutely timeless and you can make no mistake in donning a pair of these classic mens jeans for you’re next social outting.

You’ll want to avoid…

Relaxed fit. These chunky jeans are of no use to a man of average build. A man of average build will struggle to fill out the leg room that is available in these jeans which are designed for men of a bigger build .

Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Tall & Thin

There are many different varieties of men in the world. Thankfully, there are just as many different types of mens jeans to choose from. So what are the best jeans to buy for you? Let’s look at men who are tall and thin to begin with.

Men’s Jeans For Tall Thin Men

One of the biggest mistakes that men who are tall and thin when it comes to choosing mens jeans is a preference for skinny jeans. These jeans can look great on some guys, but on guys who are particularly skinny, they emphasise that skinniness, making you look even smaller. None of this is an absolute as with all these reviews we are playing to an archetype. If you think you look good in ultra skinny jeans then don’t let us stop you from choosing those jeans. Generally speaking however, skinny jeans require a fuller leg in order to provide the maximum effect.

For you guys, we would recommend a set of straight leg. These jeans will look great on you and won’t accentuate the skinniness of your legs. In addition they tend to have a longer fit as well.

We recommend: Wrangler Texas Stretchmens wrangler jeans stonewash

When it comes to regular, straight jeans, we can think of few jeans better than Wrangler Texas Stretch. They are the perfect mix of great quality and good looks at great value. Starting in at only £34.99 here at Jean Scene these jeans look good on pretty much any body type. However, if you’re looking for men’s jeans for a tall and thin man then they really are the way to go.

They come in a range of styles and are also made from a range of materials from corduroy to a more lightweight set of jeans. You can buy extra tough ones in their toughmax range or you can opt for water resistant pairs. The range of different styles is great and ideal for any tall and thin man.

Men’s Jeans For Work

Apple execs are becoming famed for the denim and plain shirt look. There are so many men’s jeans you can consider for the casual work look. Which pairs do we think are best? Let’s look at two of our favourite brands to discuss the idea.

Our Mens Jeans For Work

wrangler jeans for workWrangler Texas Stretch

One of the most important things to consider when considering the mens jeans work look is why are you doing it? Because you want to be more comfortable. And no jeans are more comfortable for men than mens Wrangler jeans. Now these jeans need to maximise style and comfort, so we’re going to look at Wrangler Texas Stretch, best of both worlds.

A sober colour is important, so we recommend the Blue Black colour. Black jeans can look harsh, so a very dark blue (hence Blue Black) makes perfect sense. Combine this with what Wrangler are famed for in their comfortable, attractive look and you’re set. Team this with maybe a light blue or white shirt and you’re wet. It’s not likely to go with a red colour, but it will balance beautifully if you stick to these other colours.

lee jeans for workMen’s Lee Jeans

Another great choice are Lee Jeans. They have similar properties to Wrangler in that they look and feel great. For this one however, I want to hold up a set of my favourite jeans, made from a more lightweight cotton.

I often get told that these aren’t really jeans, but this doesn’t worry me. They’re made by the same great company and the look and feel great. They look much more stylish than any set of jeans can and in the particular colour I’ve chosen, they could easily be confused for shirt trousers. But they are comfortable, attractive and more importantly great to wear for long periods.

But whatever your style, jeans and shirts are in and they are a welcome relief to all those shackled to desks!



Move Your Lee With Lee Brooklyn Stretch


Lee jeans are becoming more and more popular at the moment, particularly with men. The company has a phenomenal history of producing mens jeans and indeed mens Lee jeans are more and more favoured by those looking for a stylish set of mens jeans. There are a huge range of different styles of Lee jeans, covering all different styles of mens jeans. Since they moved away from producing work wear, Lee has firmly established itself as a main player in the mens denim fashion industry.

Lee Brooklyn Jeans and Beyond

lee brooklyn stretchLee have a whole host of different styles to choose from. Their range including Lee Brooklyn Stretch & Comfort, Lee Daren, Lee Luke and Lee Powell cover everything from regular and comfort fits right down to slim fit. They range is varied and also comes in a range of colours from sober dark blues and blacks to the more outlandish colours designed to grab attention and admiring glances.

The Lee Brooklyn Stretch range is straight Lee jeans classic. Available here for only £44.99 (bargain price) they cover everything you need to know about Lee jeans:

  • The denim used to produce them is outstanding, as you would expect from a company with this level of heritage. When you buy Lee jeans, you know you are buying jeans that will cover you in every situation you can imagine.
  • There is a range of colours and styles even here. You can choose a more traditional stonewash denim or you can have a lighter weight denim in red or green should that strike your fancy. There is even a corduroy option for that little bit of something different.

If Lee Brooklyn doesn’t strike you as being for you, try Lee Luke Slim Tapered fit. They slim fit jeans are just as comfortable and look fantastic. A worthy addition any go getters wardrobe.


Footballers Rocking Jeans

Mens fashion (including mens jeans) has a number of different influences. There are a whole variety of reasons why men wear different clothes. Because they are comfortable, because they are stylish, because such and such says they are fashionable and depending upon their outlook on sport, what their favourite footballers wear.



image source

Footballers as fashion icons is nothing new. They are in the public eye day in and day out and have their style choices analysed and reviewed by everyone. So it should come as no shock the the choices of jeans that footballers wear is important. And this is most definitely not lost on those who make mens jeans. The above is a photo from an ad shoot involving the current Barcelona squad promoting Replay’s new Hyperflex range. Their status as global superstars makes them ideal as a marketing tool. However, surely one of the most marketable faces in world football has been, and probably always will be, David Beckham.

david-beckham-wranglerMens Wrangler Jeans & Becks

Beckham is one of the most iconic faces in world football. His glittering career and high profile marriage make him one of the most marketable commodities in the world. So naturally for anyone who was aware of world football from 1995 to 2010, Beckham is going to be a very noticeable face if he is seen wearing your brand.

So here is Becks in a set of Mens Wrangler Jeans and a Wrangler Denim shirt no less. Rocking the double denim look like very few can. His position as an icon will likely always have a positive spin on any brand he is associated with. That however is true for so many others.

Wrangler jeans are currently marketed in the US by two giants of American football in Brett Favre and Drew Brees. Same principle, different shaped ball. They are big marketing pulls for brands, including Wrangler jeans, to use to raise the profile of their products to the public.

So footballers across the globe affect our choices in mens jeans. What is your star wearing? Does it make you change your opinion? At the very least, it puts a brand name in your mind that might not have been there before. Which is exactly what manufacturers are looking for.


Welcome To Denim Hub

Welcome to Denim Hub. This site is aimed at advising you on all things Denim, though we do have a special leaning towards mens jeans in particular. Our posts will be your one stop shop for all things denim.

We love jeans and think that everyone else should love jeans too. Whether you’re looking for a trendy pair of designer jeans or simply want a pair that will be rugged and tough, Denim Hub can be your home to learn all you will need to know to make the right choice in mens jeans and more.

mens jeans

We’ve got our favourites and we’re sure you do too. What makes jeans special though is that there really is no wrong answer when it comes to denim. Mens jeans, womens jeans, it doesn’t matter who you’re buying for. Do you want to rock double denim? Fine. Do you want a set of jeans that just look like someone painted your legs blue? Fine. Denim is the best of us and the worst of us rolled into one. It’s our indulgences and vices, it’s our virtues and promise. Jeans maketh the man (and woman) so you know that they’re up there.

Buying Denim

Now we also have our favourite places to buy jeans. And sure there’s plenty to be said for buying on the high street, getting them off the rail, feeling the material, trying them on. However, high street prices can be a bit high. And once you’ve been buying jeans long enough and you know what style feels good (or your boring and simply want regular fit jeans) then you can progress to buying online. We love Jean Scene for that. The price is right, the range is right and the price is right (did we mention that?) so you can find what you need. Additionally, with their free alteration service, they can help the jeans fit you just the way you want.

So, we will get on with writing about denim. You get on with enjoying wearing it.