Christmas Jeans – Choosing The Right Brand 3

To finish off our exploration of the various different men’s jeans you can choose from, we want to look at two opposite ends of the scale. Some names are synonymous with denim, others may not necessarily leap to mind for everyone. Not unknown, just known in different circles. So for this review of different men’s jeans available to you, we’re going to look at each end of that scale and see what’s what.

mens levi jeansMen’s Levi Jeans

When people think of jeans, the chances are they either think of Wrangler jeans or Levi jeans. Levis represent an almost pinnacle of denim, the best men’s jeans that money can buy. True, many brands have since charged more for their jeans, coined the label of ‘designer jeans’ and expanded their ranges with many weird and wonderful ideas. But Levi is that brand that at it’s heart has become one of the corner stones on which the whole denim industry is based.

The thing is and some people may disagree here, Levi jeans are among the best men’s jeans in the world, fact. They are as iconic as they are well made. The thing to remember is that often times when something gains a reputation for being outstanding, it’s because it actually is. There are many great jeans around, but if you choose a pair of Levi jeans, you are making a great choice.

mens crosshatch jeansMen’s Crosshatch Jeans

Now I put a massive disclaimer at the start here in that I know Crosshatch jeans are by no means a fly by night designer. Established in 2001 they have been producing great jeans at great prices for years. They aren’t as well known as Levi’s but they are still brilliant.

Priced at as low as £15, they are obviously cheaper than Levi’s. They’re also great to wear and come in a variety of great styles ideal for almost any casual occasion. Understand when I say that I like Wrangler and Levi for their supreme quality. But Crosshatch are available at a much cheaper price while remaining a great pair of jeans.