Comfort in Men’s Jeans

So we’ve arrived in 2016, another year wiser and (probably) about an inch or two too wide in the belt. So we need to consider getting a comfortable pair of jeans to see us through till we drop those unsightly pounds again. But what? Well if we’re thinking of jeans that aren’t going to cost the Earth and are going to be comfortable enough for the duration, I can only think of one brand!

Shipping Up to Boston Jeans!

mens jeans bostonWait what? Not Wrangler this time? Surely a pair of Wrangler Durable jeans would be perfect. Comfortable, durable, a great price. Why would any other pair of jeans be better than a good old trusty pair of Wrangler jeans.

All of the above is true. Except when you consider that these Boston Jeans are £14.99 here. £14.99?! How can they get the materials that cheap?

OK you might be thinking, they must feel cheap. Well, sorry to say all but that they do not. Sure, I’m a Wrangler fan and nothing is going to beat those bad boys in the comfort and durability terms. But these jeans don’t feel cheap at all. If anything, they just feel like a really comfortable pair of men’s jeans.

In a range of colours, these are a solid pair of jeans that you can rely on. And let/’s be honest, you don’t want an awesome set of jeans for this period. You need a pair you don’t mind getting rid of when you’ve shed those pounds. Not saying these are disposable, but I’m less attached to them than I am Wranglers.

Alternatively, Embarrass yourself slim

Really want motivation? Buy some skinny jeans and force yourself to wear them. After 3 days you will be DESPERATE to shed those unsightly pounds so that when you’re back to fighting weight you can joyously done your favorite pair of jeans. It may even stop you pigging out in the first place, as you will want nothing more than to avoid that next time!