Footballers Rocking Jeans

Mens fashion (including mens jeans) has a number of different influences. There are a whole variety of reasons why men wear different clothes. Because they are comfortable, because they are stylish, because such and such says they are fashionable and depending upon their outlook on sport, what their favourite footballers wear.



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Footballers as fashion icons is nothing new. They are in the public eye day in and day out and have their style choices analysed and reviewed by everyone. So it should come as no shock the the choices of jeans that footballers wear is important. And this is most definitely not lost on those who make mens jeans. The above is a photo from an ad shoot involving the current Barcelona squad promoting Replay’s new Hyperflex range. Their status as global superstars makes them ideal as a marketing tool. However, surely one of the most marketable faces in world football has been, and probably always will be, David Beckham.

david-beckham-wranglerMens Wrangler Jeans & Becks

Beckham is one of the most iconic faces in world football. His glittering career and high profile marriage make him one of the most marketable commodities in the world. So naturally for anyone who was aware of world football from 1995 to 2010, Beckham is going to be a very noticeable face if he is seen wearing your brand.

So here is Becks in a set of Mens Wrangler Jeans and a Wrangler Denim shirt no less. Rocking the double denim look like very few can. His position as an icon will likely always have a positive spin on any brand he is associated with. That however is true for so many others.

Wrangler jeans are currently marketed in the US by two giants of American football in Brett Favre and Drew Brees. Same principle, different shaped ball. They are big marketing pulls for brands, including Wrangler jeans, to use to raise the profile of their products to the public.

So footballers across the globe affect our choices in mens jeans. What is your star wearing? Does it make you change your opinion? At the very least, it puts a brand name in your mind that might not have been there before. Which is exactly what manufacturers are looking for.