Hurry, Christmas Will Be Here Soon!

So we’re fast approaching Christmas and the gift buying must be reaching fever pitch! Have you sorted those men’s jeans you were going to buy? Not yet? Then you need to listen to what we’ve got left to say before you charge into buying those men’s jeans!

There are a huge range of fantastic brands as we’ve discussed over the last few weeks. Wrangler jeans, Lee, Levi, Crosshatch, Vans, we’ve been on and on discussing them. Now we should finish of discussing a couple of other key points.

mens red wrangler jeansColour of the Rainbow

Looking at all the different jeans that are around, you might well think that the colour of jeans is pretty simple. There’s blue or black, white if your giftee is interested in that style. Then however you might see some jeans that come in a variety of different colours. Surely it would be festive to pick up a pair of Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans in red to match their jumper? Or a green pair for the same reason. Keeping the jeans festive is important.

mens green wrangler jeansHowever, let’s be sensible and remember that these men’s jeans are going to be worn all year round when you buy the right pair. So if you choose a colour for your giftee that they would never wear outside of the festive season it’s going to be a bit of a waste.

The same can be said for style. We’ve been over how the different styles of men’s jeans are suited to different body types. So if you get the wrong style of jeans, then they are unlikely to get worn at all. The idea is pretty simple in that regard. We’ve talked about buying to the right brand, but we also need to be careful to buy the right colour and style too. The best way to ensure this is to check if you can (or ask someone who can) and think about the different styles of jeans you have seen this person wearing. That way you will guarantee a happy Christmas morning!