Men’s Jeans For Christmas Dinner

mens Christmas jumpersChristmas is about family occasions. They’re about getting together with the people you love and sitting down together for meals, games and generally feeling comfortable. However, what do you do if you’re required to be a bit more formal? There are some families who treat Christmas as being a pretty formal occasion. How are you supposed to settle down to a Christmas dinner in tight, uncomfortable pair of trousers. Surely you’d be better in a comfortable pair of wrangler jeans? How can you get away with that this Christmas?

Stick to Comfortable Fits

Remember the whole point of this exercise is ensuring that when you sit down for Christmas dinner, you have a pair of comfortable jeans on. There’s no point in arguing to wear comfortable clothing and turning up in a tight fitting set of bootcut wrangler jeans. This is where the stretch range of Wrangler’s really does come into it’s own. Plenty of room for turkey!

Sober Colours

There are some pairs of jeans that are never going to be acceptable in polite society. They’re the bright, off the beaten track colours that make you think look good in your local night club, but I can guarantee you’re not going to get away with it at your in-laws dinner table. Stick to dark blues and blacks, they look sensible and are more likely to go “unnoticed”

Don’t make a song and dance about it

Remember, you’re wearing the jeans for your benefit. Not for the benefit of those who you’re with. They might have noticed your jeans, they might not. Whatever they want to talk about over the washing up later is up to then. The chances are that people will likely forget about these things pretty quickly after a few sherries and mince pies. Just relax in the comfort of your jeans and worry not about the consequences.