Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Athletic & Muscular

Continuing our look at denim jeans for men of varying body types, this time we will look at those men of a more athletic, muscular build. What sort of jeans are ideal for these men?

Men’s Slim Cut Jeans

Now we’re not going as far as to suggest skinny jeans here, though I’m sure many men will go there. No, the men’s jeans we recommend for you are slim cut. A set of jeans that hug tight to those legs that you have spent year honing. The men’s jeans you need should flatter and draw attention to your defined shape. Teaming this with either a tight fitting t-shirt or maybe even a jumper in the colder months should suit you perfectly well. What brand of jeans do we recommend then in this case?

mens lee slim jeansMen’s Lee Luke Jeans

There are a huge number of great brands that are available for people who are looking to buy slim fit jeans. In fact in all likely hood you’re going to be spoiled for choice. However, if we are going to recommend a set of slim cut men’s jeans, we are going to recommend you look at men’s Lee jeans. Specifically, we’re going to recommend the Lee Luke jeans. These jeans are great slim cut jeans, a great mix of style and comfort that works for anyone. However, for the more muscular man these jeans will suit you very well. They aren’t too tight, which means that while they will suit you perfectly, they aren’t uncomfortable like some slim men’s jeans can be. They’re available here for as little as £64.99, which is a great price for jeans of this high quality that look this good. Lee will even provide you with a great option to go with it, with a great range of shirts in various styles to compliment any look.