Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Stocky

We’re going to finish off our look at different mens jeans for different body types by looking into some jeans for more stocky men. Now then, there is a temptation here to maybe go for tight fitting jeans to show off the muscular build. However, I would recommend steering clear of skinny mens jeans for this one. The purpose being is that there’s nothing to be gained by squeezing into skinny jeans when other jeans can likely work just as well. And there’s another reason.

Avoid Low Rise Men’s Jeans

Low rise jeans on someone of regular build can look good and they are certainly popular in the skinny jeans category. However, if you’re of a stocky build, I would urge you to avoid them. It’s important not to draw too much attention to your height and low rise jeans will certainly do that. So what would be best for you?

In our experience, we would recommend a set of mens jeans with a slightly wider fit. Look to comfortable, regular fit jeans. There’s no need to go for anything tighter and these will allow you maximum room, while being stylish.

We recommend: Wrangler Durable Jeans

mens wrangler durable jeans

Comfort is what Wrangler jeans do best. Their Texas Stretch ranger, the Arizona range, men’s Wrangler jeans epitomise style and comfort. We should also give a shout out to the Lee Brooklyn jeans we mentioned last week which were also strong candidates. However, to prove that you can get a great set of Wrangler jeans for under £30, we would recommend the Wrangler Durable jeans range. As far as men’s Wrangler jeans go, they’re up there with the best anyone can throw at you. They’re not necessarily going to match up with Wrangler’s other ranges but considering you can buy a pair for as little as £29.99 we think there’s not contest. Great Wrangler jeans, comfortable and stretchy for £29.99 (here at Jean Scene) who can ask for anything more?