Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Tall & Thin

There are many different varieties of men in the world. Thankfully, there are just as many different types of mens jeans to choose from. So what are the best jeans to buy for you? Let’s look at men who are tall and thin to begin with.

Men’s Jeans For Tall Thin Men

One of the biggest mistakes that men who are tall and thin when it comes to choosing mens jeans is a preference for skinny jeans. These jeans can look great on some guys, but on guys who are particularly skinny, they emphasise that skinniness, making you look even smaller. None of this is an absolute as with all these reviews we are playing to an archetype. If you think you look good in ultra skinny jeans then don’t let us stop you from choosing those jeans. Generally speaking however, skinny jeans require a fuller leg in order to provide the maximum effect.

For you guys, we would recommend a set of straight leg. These jeans will look great on you and won’t accentuate the skinniness of your legs. In addition they tend to have a longer fit as well.

We recommend: Wrangler Texas Stretchmens wrangler jeans stonewash

When it comes to regular, straight jeans, we can think of few jeans better than Wrangler Texas Stretch. They are the perfect mix of great quality and good looks at great value. Starting in at only £34.99 here at Jean Scene these jeans look good on pretty much any body type. However, if you’re looking for men’s jeans for a tall and thin man then they really are the way to go.

They come in a range of styles and are also made from a range of materials from corduroy to a more lightweight set of jeans. You can buy extra tough ones in their toughmax range or you can opt for water resistant pairs. The range of different styles is great and ideal for any tall and thin man.