Men’s Jeans in 2015

So we’ve made it to the end of another year! It’s Christmas and we’re all going to be having a massive time of it I’m sure. However, I think it’s worth reflecting on some of our favourite jeans from the last 12 months. Maybe some will be in our sticking this year (we have big feet) or maybe not. But whatever happens, these jeans have made our 2015.

mens wrangler jeans toughmaxMen’s Wrangler Toughmax Jeans

We were already big Wrangler fans before we came across these jeans, but I mean just look at them. That same great Wrangler look and style, the same comfort, but tougher?

We didn’t quite know how we would test these Wrangler jeans. They’re tough and we’ve worn them all year with no problem. However, one of our colleagues found himself tumbling down a slippery hill late one Saturday night and we are pleased to report that the jeans (and him) survived relatively unscathed. They needed a brush down, but the denim stayed strong, so they get my vote!

Men’s Crosshatch Jeans

mens crosshatch jeansWe like a lot of different jeans, but more than anything what we love is a good bargain. While we know we can get that from Wrangler with the durable range, there’s something about a pair of men’s jeans that cost less than £20 that appeals to everyone and that’s what we found with these Crosshatch jeans.

They’re not sophisticated and they’re not perfect, but the look and feel of wearing them is way more than what you’d expect for under £20. Yes you may be able to buy cheaper at a supermarket from their own brand, but we loved the quality of these.

Men’s Vans Jeans

mens vans jeans v56

I still associate Vans with men’s trainers as you’d probably expect. But we were pleasantly surprised by their jeans.

They are fantastic quality and feel comfortable and durable. They also look great, at home at any club or bar you care to frequent. Perfect for the young man about town!