Christmas Jeans – Choosing The Right Brand 3

To finish off our exploration of the various different men’s jeans you can choose from, we want to look at two opposite ends of the scale. Some names are synonymous with denim, others may not necessarily leap to mind for everyone. Not unknown, just known in different circles. So for this review of different men’s jeans available to you, we’re going to look at each end of that scale and see what’s what.

mens levi jeansMen’s Levi Jeans

When people think of jeans, the chances are they either think of Wrangler jeans or Levi jeans. Levis represent an almost pinnacle of denim, the best men’s jeans that money can buy. True, many brands have since charged more for their jeans, coined the label of ‘designer jeans’ and expanded their ranges with many weird and wonderful ideas. But Levi is that brand that at it’s heart has become one of the corner stones on which the whole denim industry is based.

The thing is and some people may disagree here, Levi jeans are among the best men’s jeans in the world, fact. They are as iconic as they are well made. The thing to remember is that often times when something gains a reputation for being outstanding, it’s because it actually is. There are many great jeans around, but if you choose a pair of Levi jeans, you are making a great choice.

mens crosshatch jeansMen’s Crosshatch Jeans

Now I put a massive disclaimer at the start here in that I know Crosshatch jeans are by no means a fly by night designer. Established in 2001 they have been producing great jeans at great prices for years. They aren’t as well known as Levi’s but they are still brilliant.

Priced at as low as £15, they are obviously cheaper than Levi’s. They’re also great to wear and come in a variety of great styles ideal for almost any casual occasion. Understand when I say that I like Wrangler and Levi for their supreme quality. But Crosshatch are available at a much cheaper price while remaining a great pair of jeans.

Christmas Jeans – Choosing The Right Brand 2

Getting the right brand of anything is important. Getting the right brand of men’s jeans is even more vital than you think it is. There’s so many great brands available that choosing the right one is vital. So we’re about the help you a whole lot. There are two very similar brands of men’s jeans (in name at least) that we’re now going to make the distinction for you.

lee brooklyn stretchMen’s Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans are a great collection of Men’s jeans for the modern man. From the Lee Brooklyn to the Lee Daren, Powell and more. Lee jean’s for men are a great brand and they come in a variety of styles.

The Lee Brooklyn jeans are a great set of jeans for your everyday denim wearer. They even come in a stretch denim style perfect for everyday use. With comfort, style, colours and materials all ticked, they represent the perfect men’s jeans for any man. Add in great prices and you know that you’re onto a winner.

But there’s more to Lee jeans that these. Take Lee Powell jeans for example. They’re a fantastic set of low, slim jeans for wearing on a night out to a bar or club with your friends. If you’re looking for a great range of styles, you can’t go wrong with Lee jeans.

Lee Cooper JeansMen’s Lee Cooper Jeans

See how this could get confusing? Lee Cooper Jeans sound like a collection from the Lee jeans range. They are in fact a seperate brand, with their own great range of jeans.

They lean more towards the going out style of men’s jeans, with the modern faded look that remains popular in the more trendy men’s jeans. They’re priced extremely competitively and look like a set of jeans two, three times the price.

Two more great brands, both well worth a look as you head into Christmas. What next? You’ll find out.


Christmas Jeans – Choosing The Right Brand

So having identified what size and style men’s jeans you need to buy for Christmas, you now need to think of an appropriate brand of men’s jeans. Now as is often the case with these things, the answer to the question of style will feature in this. However, let’s look at some ideas for brands of men’s jeans that might be appropriate.

mens wrangler jeans stonewashMen’s Wrangler Jeans

We love Wrangler Jeans here (as may be obvious by some of our posts). They are a brand of jeans that offer fantastic quality on top of great style and comfort. In all honesty the complete package. They’ve got a huge range of styles to suit any look and feel.

That being said, the reputation is Wrangler jeans is one of Cowboys and blue collar workers. They’re men’s jeans that are rugged and tough, something Wrangler are not interested in distancing themselves from with ranges relating to Texas and works like Toughmax in their product descriptions. They’re aren’t limited to these things, with Wrangler Ben and Wrangler Pittsboro jeans offering an alternative look and style. However, they’re jeans to be bought for the everyman, not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

mens vans jeans v46Men’s Vans Jeans

To mix this up let’s look at something that is definitely not to be associated with blue collar manual workers!

Men’s vans jeans are a great offering from the traditional skaters standard bearer. Featuring a slim, tapered cut, these jeans are more readily associated with young hipsters, often wearing Van’s trainers and sometimes with their baseball caps on backwards. They are for the young and the young at heart. So if it’s useful exuberance you’re after, with a slim cut, Men’s vans jeans are a great choice.

Next week we’ll look at two more great Denim brands that it is very easy to confuse! Namely Lee and Lee Cooper men’s jeans!


Buying Men’s Jeans For Christmas

527__30011.1409509264.220.290Christmas is coming! You may not like it but there are only 55 days left to buy that special someone that gift that says what they mean to you. Well, we hope you care enough about some people to buy them more than a pair of socks(!) and one thing we would definitely recommend for that special fella in your life is a pair of nice men’s jeans.

So where to begin? How do you get the perfect pair of men’s jeans for your man? Let Denimhub guide you.

Remember, when buying men’s jeans, size DOES matter

Before you go off looking at different styles of men’s jeans you need to identify one key piece of information. What size jeans are required! There’s no point putting the effort into picking your man a pair of jeans if he’s just going be unable to get into the (or find they’re falling down) on Christmas morning. So you need to find out what size of jeans he needs. Find a current pair too! No point getting one out of his wardrobe that he hasn’t worn in weeks, because the chances are there’s a reason for that. So get a pair out he’s just washed or maybe casually bring it up in conversation (your a size 32″!? No, you’re much skinnier than that) That way there’s no disappointment.

Get the style right

Almost as important as the above is the style of men’s jeans. If your man wears comfortable, baggy jeans he might not appreciate a set of skin tight tapered jeans and vice versa. It might not seem a lot (jeans are jeans right?!) but the fact is that unless you get a pair that are perfect for them then the chances are you won’t see them again.

Next time, getting the brand right. Is your guy a Wrangler man? Or a Lee man? Maybe he’s into Levi or Lee Cooper? This and more.

Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Stocky

We’re going to finish off our look at different mens jeans for different body types by looking into some jeans for more stocky men. Now then, there is a temptation here to maybe go for tight fitting jeans to show off the muscular build. However, I would recommend steering clear of skinny mens jeans for this one. The purpose being is that there’s nothing to be gained by squeezing into skinny jeans when other jeans can likely work just as well. And there’s another reason.

Avoid Low Rise Men’s Jeans

Low rise jeans on someone of regular build can look good and they are certainly popular in the skinny jeans category. However, if you’re of a stocky build, I would urge you to avoid them. It’s important not to draw too much attention to your height and low rise jeans will certainly do that. So what would be best for you?

In our experience, we would recommend a set of mens jeans with a slightly wider fit. Look to comfortable, regular fit jeans. There’s no need to go for anything tighter and these will allow you maximum room, while being stylish.

We recommend: Wrangler Durable Jeans

mens wrangler durable jeans

Comfort is what Wrangler jeans do best. Their Texas Stretch ranger, the Arizona range, men’s Wrangler jeans epitomise style and comfort. We should also give a shout out to the Lee Brooklyn jeans we mentioned last week which were also strong candidates. However, to prove that you can get a great set of Wrangler jeans for under £30, we would recommend the Wrangler Durable jeans range. As far as men’s Wrangler jeans go, they’re up there with the best anyone can throw at you. They’re not necessarily going to match up with Wrangler’s other ranges but considering you can buy a pair for as little as £29.99 we think there’s not contest. Great Wrangler jeans, comfortable and stretchy for £29.99 (here at Jean Scene) who can ask for anything more?

Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – The Fuller Gentleman

We’ve covered a number of different body types in our posts about what styles of mens jeans are best for each individual body shape. We’ve recommended different styles and given our opinion on the matter. They are just suggestions, you can’t pigeon hole people. So whatever style you feel suits you is what’s best.

That being said, we’re going to continue our exploration of this idea by looking at the fuller gentleman. You can understand what I mean by that. So what style of denim would be best for these fellas?

Don’t Go Skinny

Well to start with I wouldn’t recommend skinny, tight jeans. We all know that they are considered very trendy and fashionable with a number of male celebs donning them on television and in glossy magazines. That being said, just because celebrities wear them doesn’t mean you should. What you should be looking for in your mens jeans is a more comfortable, relaxed fit. Something that provides that little bit of extra space and allows you comfort from your jeans. Obvious really, no point in squeezing yourself into tight jeans when these look better and wear better on you.

We recommend: Lee Brooklyn Comfort Jeans

lee brooklyn comfort jeans

There is a temptation in this scenario to duck this choice as there are so many great mens jeans that match this description. However, we’re opting for Lee Brooklyn Comfort jeans. Mens Lee jeans are stylish, easy to wear and are available at great prices that won’t break the bank. In terms of bang for book, Lee jeans are up there with Wrangler for providing top quality denim at a reasonable price. There are a number of mens Wrangler jeans that could also fit this bill but we like the blend offered by Lee Brooklyn jeans and for our purposes here, we think that their comfort jeans range is one of the best denims you can buy.


Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Athletic & Muscular

Continuing our look at denim jeans for men of varying body types, this time we will look at those men of a more athletic, muscular build. What sort of jeans are ideal for these men?

Men’s Slim Cut Jeans

Now we’re not going as far as to suggest skinny jeans here, though I’m sure many men will go there. No, the men’s jeans we recommend for you are slim cut. A set of jeans that hug tight to those legs that you have spent year honing. The men’s jeans you need should flatter and draw attention to your defined shape. Teaming this with either a tight fitting t-shirt or maybe even a jumper in the colder months should suit you perfectly well. What brand of jeans do we recommend then in this case?

mens lee slim jeansMen’s Lee Luke Jeans

There are a huge number of great brands that are available for people who are looking to buy slim fit jeans. In fact in all likely hood you’re going to be spoiled for choice. However, if we are going to recommend a set of slim cut men’s jeans, we are going to recommend you look at men’s Lee jeans. Specifically, we’re going to recommend the Lee Luke jeans. These jeans are great slim cut jeans, a great mix of style and comfort that works for anyone. However, for the more muscular man these jeans will suit you very well. They aren’t too tight, which means that while they will suit you perfectly, they aren’t uncomfortable like some slim men’s jeans can be. They’re available here for as little as £64.99, which is a great price for jeans of this high quality that look this good. Lee will even provide you with a great option to go with it, with a great range of shirts in various styles to compliment any look.

Men’s Jeans For Work

Apple execs are becoming famed for the denim and plain shirt look. There are so many men’s jeans you can consider for the casual work look. Which pairs do we think are best? Let’s look at two of our favourite brands to discuss the idea.

Our Mens Jeans For Work

wrangler jeans for workWrangler Texas Stretch

One of the most important things to consider when considering the mens jeans work look is why are you doing it? Because you want to be more comfortable. And no jeans are more comfortable for men than mens Wrangler jeans. Now these jeans need to maximise style and comfort, so we’re going to look at Wrangler Texas Stretch, best of both worlds.

A sober colour is important, so we recommend the Blue Black colour. Black jeans can look harsh, so a very dark blue (hence Blue Black) makes perfect sense. Combine this with what Wrangler are famed for in their comfortable, attractive look and you’re set. Team this with maybe a light blue or white shirt and you’re wet. It’s not likely to go with a red colour, but it will balance beautifully if you stick to these other colours.

lee jeans for workMen’s Lee Jeans

Another great choice are Lee Jeans. They have similar properties to Wrangler in that they look and feel great. For this one however, I want to hold up a set of my favourite jeans, made from a more lightweight cotton.

I often get told that these aren’t really jeans, but this doesn’t worry me. They’re made by the same great company and the look and feel great. They look much more stylish than any set of jeans can and in the particular colour I’ve chosen, they could easily be confused for shirt trousers. But they are comfortable, attractive and more importantly great to wear for long periods.

But whatever your style, jeans and shirts are in and they are a welcome relief to all those shackled to desks!



Mens Wrangler Jeans – Growing In Comfort



This year has seen Mens Wrangler Jeans growing in popularity. Their range including Wrangler Texas Stretch, Durable and Arizona is becoming more and more popular. Indeed their first half of the year has seen sales grow and grow. Their rise this year doesn’t surprise fans of the brand, who are revelling in the renewed popularity of their favourite brand. So what happened?

Shift in Trends

It isn’t surprising to know that nothing is static in this world, and the flow of trends in mens fashion is shifting away from skinny jeans. The more regular fit offered by brands like Wrangler is growing in popularity. Their range of styles helps them to cover a broad spectrum of different denim styles, but their core range of mens jeans is being helped by the shift in trends.

Great Pricing

Another thing that mens Wrangler jeans have going for them is great pricing. We looked here at Jean Scene’s Wrangler Jeans and with Texas Stretch from as little as £29.99 and other ranges including Wrangler Durable available at the same great prices, Wrangler has struck a great balance with price in the market.

Varying Styles

On top of the price mens Wrangler jeans are also available in a huge range of great styles. We’ve spoken about Wrangler Texas Stretch and Wrangler Durable, but you can also get the Bootcut range of Wrangler Pittsboro and the skinny fit of the Wrangler Bostin. Wrangler has a style of jeans for every occasion, meaning whatever you’re looking for in mens jeans, Wrangler has something to suit you.

Superior Quality

On top of all of the above, Wrangler does not scrimp on quality. A pair of mens Wrangler jeans comes with a seal of approval. These jeans are simply ideal for any man. They wear rough, they’re comfortable and they look brilliant. They have a number of unique design features aimed at both increasing comfort and durability. Mens jeans can do a lot worse than Wrangler jeans. If you would like a pair of mens Wrangler jeans, why not buy yours today at Jean Scene.

Footballers Rocking Jeans

Mens fashion (including mens jeans) has a number of different influences. There are a whole variety of reasons why men wear different clothes. Because they are comfortable, because they are stylish, because such and such says they are fashionable and depending upon their outlook on sport, what their favourite footballers wear.



image source

Footballers as fashion icons is nothing new. They are in the public eye day in and day out and have their style choices analysed and reviewed by everyone. So it should come as no shock the the choices of jeans that footballers wear is important. And this is most definitely not lost on those who make mens jeans. The above is a photo from an ad shoot involving the current Barcelona squad promoting Replay’s new Hyperflex range. Their status as global superstars makes them ideal as a marketing tool. However, surely one of the most marketable faces in world football has been, and probably always will be, David Beckham.

david-beckham-wranglerMens Wrangler Jeans & Becks

Beckham is one of the most iconic faces in world football. His glittering career and high profile marriage make him one of the most marketable commodities in the world. So naturally for anyone who was aware of world football from 1995 to 2010, Beckham is going to be a very noticeable face if he is seen wearing your brand.

So here is Becks in a set of Mens Wrangler Jeans and a Wrangler Denim shirt no less. Rocking the double denim look like very few can. His position as an icon will likely always have a positive spin on any brand he is associated with. That however is true for so many others.

Wrangler jeans are currently marketed in the US by two giants of American football in Brett Favre and Drew Brees. Same principle, different shaped ball. They are big marketing pulls for brands, including Wrangler jeans, to use to raise the profile of their products to the public.

So footballers across the globe affect our choices in mens jeans. What is your star wearing? Does it make you change your opinion? At the very least, it puts a brand name in your mind that might not have been there before. Which is exactly what manufacturers are looking for.