Comfort in Men’s Jeans

So we’ve arrived in 2016, another year wiser and (probably) about an inch or two too wide in the belt. So we need to consider getting a comfortable pair of jeans to see us through till we drop those unsightly pounds again. But what? Well if we’re thinking of jeans that aren’t going to cost the Earth and are going to be comfortable enough for the duration, I can only think of one brand!

Shipping Up to Boston Jeans!

mens jeans bostonWait what? Not Wrangler this time? Surely a pair of Wrangler Durable jeans would be perfect. Comfortable, durable, a great price. Why would any other pair of jeans be better than a good old trusty pair of Wrangler jeans.

All of the above is true. Except when you consider that these Boston Jeans are £14.99 here. £14.99?! How can they get the materials that cheap?

OK you might be thinking, they must feel cheap. Well, sorry to say all but that they do not. Sure, I’m a Wrangler fan and nothing is going to beat those bad boys in the comfort and durability terms. But these jeans don’t feel cheap at all. If anything, they just feel like a really comfortable pair of men’s jeans.

In a range of colours, these are a solid pair of jeans that you can rely on. And let/’s be honest, you don’t want an awesome set of jeans for this period. You need a pair you don’t mind getting rid of when you’ve shed those pounds. Not saying these are disposable, but I’m less attached to them than I am Wranglers.

Alternatively, Embarrass yourself slim

Really want motivation? Buy some skinny jeans and force yourself to wear them. After 3 days you will be DESPERATE to shed those unsightly pounds so that when you’re back to fighting weight you can joyously done your favorite pair of jeans. It may even stop you pigging out in the first place, as you will want nothing more than to avoid that next time!

Men’s Jeans in 2015

So we’ve made it to the end of another year! It’s Christmas and we’re all going to be having a massive time of it I’m sure. However, I think it’s worth reflecting on some of our favourite jeans from the last 12 months. Maybe some will be in our sticking this year (we have big feet) or maybe not. But whatever happens, these jeans have made our 2015.

mens wrangler jeans toughmaxMen’s Wrangler Toughmax Jeans

We were already big Wrangler fans before we came across these jeans, but I mean just look at them. That same great Wrangler look and style, the same comfort, but tougher?

We didn’t quite know how we would test these Wrangler jeans. They’re tough and we’ve worn them all year with no problem. However, one of our colleagues found himself tumbling down a slippery hill late one Saturday night and we are pleased to report that the jeans (and him) survived relatively unscathed. They needed a brush down, but the denim stayed strong, so they get my vote!

Men’s Crosshatch Jeans

mens crosshatch jeansWe like a lot of different jeans, but more than anything what we love is a good bargain. While we know we can get that from Wrangler with the durable range, there’s something about a pair of men’s jeans that cost less than £20 that appeals to everyone and that’s what we found with these Crosshatch jeans.

They’re not sophisticated and they’re not perfect, but the look and feel of wearing them is way more than what you’d expect for under £20. Yes you may be able to buy cheaper at a supermarket from their own brand, but we loved the quality of these.

Men’s Vans Jeans

mens vans jeans v56

I still associate Vans with men’s trainers as you’d probably expect. But we were pleasantly surprised by their jeans.

They are fantastic quality and feel comfortable and durable. They also look great, at home at any club or bar you care to frequent. Perfect for the young man about town!

Men’s Jeans For Christmas Dinner

mens Christmas jumpersChristmas is about family occasions. They’re about getting together with the people you love and sitting down together for meals, games and generally feeling comfortable. However, what do you do if you’re required to be a bit more formal? There are some families who treat Christmas as being a pretty formal occasion. How are you supposed to settle down to a Christmas dinner in tight, uncomfortable pair of trousers. Surely you’d be better in a comfortable pair of wrangler jeans? How can you get away with that this Christmas?

Stick to Comfortable Fits

Remember the whole point of this exercise is ensuring that when you sit down for Christmas dinner, you have a pair of comfortable jeans on. There’s no point in arguing to wear comfortable clothing and turning up in a tight fitting set of bootcut wrangler jeans. This is where the stretch range of Wrangler’s really does come into it’s own. Plenty of room for turkey!

Sober Colours

There are some pairs of jeans that are never going to be acceptable in polite society. They’re the bright, off the beaten track colours that make you think look good in your local night club, but I can guarantee you’re not going to get away with it at your in-laws dinner table. Stick to dark blues and blacks, they look sensible and are more likely to go “unnoticed”

Don’t make a song and dance about it

Remember, you’re wearing the jeans for your benefit. Not for the benefit of those who you’re with. They might have noticed your jeans, they might not. Whatever they want to talk about over the washing up later is up to then. The chances are that people will likely forget about these things pretty quickly after a few sherries and mince pies. Just relax in the comfort of your jeans and worry not about the consequences.

Black Friday Deals

In this post, we are going to explore some of the great deals you can find online during the black friday sales, such as the great offers on wrangler jeans on the website jean scene.


mens crosshatch jeansWrangler Jeans

We start with the biggest deal of the day: WRANGLER JEANS AVAILABLE FOR ONLY £29.99. That’s right! Less than half price! Cowabunga (and that’s not a word I use lightly)! With both male and female jeans available this is not a deal to be missed. With there new website launched especially for black Friday, jean scene are making a real event of the unveiling of there cracking new look website & this sale is guaranteed to create some very happy customers.


Novelty Christmas Jumpers

Now some of us love Christmas, others amongst us resemble a particular character from the great story “A Christmas Carol” . But whether we like it or not, Christmas is upon us. The big turning on of the lights have happened and all the shops have got their decorations up. So now is the time to embrace the holiday season with a great novelty Christmas jumper. At jean scene, their Christmas jumpers aren’t just novelty, but also they are 3D. Don’t ask me why, and certainly don’t ask me how but I do know that these jumpers are a great way of spreading the festive spirit this Christmas. And if you’re a bit fashion concious, why not wear you jumper with a cracking new pair of wrangler jeans? That way, you can be stylish AND fun all at the same time!


Now you could go out to the shops today to purchase your black Friday deals. However, you’ll need some of armour, a shield and a sword to engage in a battle with one of your fellow shoppers to get your self one those needlessly fancy espresso machines which has a 5% discount for black Friday. To be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are small jousting competitions occurring on shopping store car parks to decide the fate of this noisy contraption. Now while this may all be noble and gallant, its all a bit too much of a kerfuffle for 5% off. Why not save yourself the aggravation of engaging in such unpleasant scenes and instead stay at home and shop online. You could visit jean scene and buy some great looking wrangler jeans so when you do go out next, YOU will be fashion king and others will joust for your pleasure. Let’s take a look at some of there deals.


Christmas Jeans – Choosing The Right Brand

So having identified what size and style men’s jeans you need to buy for Christmas, you now need to think of an appropriate brand of men’s jeans. Now as is often the case with these things, the answer to the question of style will feature in this. However, let’s look at some ideas for brands of men’s jeans that might be appropriate.

mens wrangler jeans stonewashMen’s Wrangler Jeans

We love Wrangler Jeans here (as may be obvious by some of our posts). They are a brand of jeans that offer fantastic quality on top of great style and comfort. In all honesty the complete package. They’ve got a huge range of styles to suit any look and feel.

That being said, the reputation is Wrangler jeans is one of Cowboys and blue collar workers. They’re men’s jeans that are rugged and tough, something Wrangler are not interested in distancing themselves from with ranges relating to Texas and works like Toughmax in their product descriptions. They’re aren’t limited to these things, with Wrangler Ben and Wrangler Pittsboro jeans offering an alternative look and style. However, they’re jeans to be bought for the everyman, not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

mens vans jeans v46Men’s Vans Jeans

To mix this up let’s look at something that is definitely not to be associated with blue collar manual workers!

Men’s vans jeans are a great offering from the traditional skaters standard bearer. Featuring a slim, tapered cut, these jeans are more readily associated with young hipsters, often wearing Van’s trainers and sometimes with their baseball caps on backwards. They are for the young and the young at heart. So if it’s useful exuberance you’re after, with a slim cut, Men’s vans jeans are a great choice.

Next week we’ll look at two more great Denim brands that it is very easy to confuse! Namely Lee and Lee Cooper men’s jeans!


Buying Men’s Jeans For Christmas

527__30011.1409509264.220.290Christmas is coming! You may not like it but there are only 55 days left to buy that special someone that gift that says what they mean to you. Well, we hope you care enough about some people to buy them more than a pair of socks(!) and one thing we would definitely recommend for that special fella in your life is a pair of nice men’s jeans.

So where to begin? How do you get the perfect pair of men’s jeans for your man? Let Denimhub guide you.

Remember, when buying men’s jeans, size DOES matter

Before you go off looking at different styles of men’s jeans you need to identify one key piece of information. What size jeans are required! There’s no point putting the effort into picking your man a pair of jeans if he’s just going be unable to get into the (or find they’re falling down) on Christmas morning. So you need to find out what size of jeans he needs. Find a current pair too! No point getting one out of his wardrobe that he hasn’t worn in weeks, because the chances are there’s a reason for that. So get a pair out he’s just washed or maybe casually bring it up in conversation (your a size 32″!? No, you’re much skinnier than that) That way there’s no disappointment.

Get the style right

Almost as important as the above is the style of men’s jeans. If your man wears comfortable, baggy jeans he might not appreciate a set of skin tight tapered jeans and vice versa. It might not seem a lot (jeans are jeans right?!) but the fact is that unless you get a pair that are perfect for them then the chances are you won’t see them again.

Next time, getting the brand right. Is your guy a Wrangler man? Or a Lee man? Maybe he’s into Levi or Lee Cooper? This and more.

Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Stocky

We’re going to finish off our look at different mens jeans for different body types by looking into some jeans for more stocky men. Now then, there is a temptation here to maybe go for tight fitting jeans to show off the muscular build. However, I would recommend steering clear of skinny mens jeans for this one. The purpose being is that there’s nothing to be gained by squeezing into skinny jeans when other jeans can likely work just as well. And there’s another reason.

Avoid Low Rise Men’s Jeans

Low rise jeans on someone of regular build can look good and they are certainly popular in the skinny jeans category. However, if you’re of a stocky build, I would urge you to avoid them. It’s important not to draw too much attention to your height and low rise jeans will certainly do that. So what would be best for you?

In our experience, we would recommend a set of mens jeans with a slightly wider fit. Look to comfortable, regular fit jeans. There’s no need to go for anything tighter and these will allow you maximum room, while being stylish.

We recommend: Wrangler Durable Jeans

mens wrangler durable jeans

Comfort is what Wrangler jeans do best. Their Texas Stretch ranger, the Arizona range, men’s Wrangler jeans epitomise style and comfort. We should also give a shout out to the Lee Brooklyn jeans we mentioned last week which were also strong candidates. However, to prove that you can get a great set of Wrangler jeans for under £30, we would recommend the Wrangler Durable jeans range. As far as men’s Wrangler jeans go, they’re up there with the best anyone can throw at you. They’re not necessarily going to match up with Wrangler’s other ranges but considering you can buy a pair for as little as £29.99 we think there’s not contest. Great Wrangler jeans, comfortable and stretchy for £29.99 (here at Jean Scene) who can ask for anything more?

Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – The Fuller Gentleman

We’ve covered a number of different body types in our posts about what styles of mens jeans are best for each individual body shape. We’ve recommended different styles and given our opinion on the matter. They are just suggestions, you can’t pigeon hole people. So whatever style you feel suits you is what’s best.

That being said, we’re going to continue our exploration of this idea by looking at the fuller gentleman. You can understand what I mean by that. So what style of denim would be best for these fellas?

Don’t Go Skinny

Well to start with I wouldn’t recommend skinny, tight jeans. We all know that they are considered very trendy and fashionable with a number of male celebs donning them on television and in glossy magazines. That being said, just because celebrities wear them doesn’t mean you should. What you should be looking for in your mens jeans is a more comfortable, relaxed fit. Something that provides that little bit of extra space and allows you comfort from your jeans. Obvious really, no point in squeezing yourself into tight jeans when these look better and wear better on you.

We recommend: Lee Brooklyn Comfort Jeans

lee brooklyn comfort jeans

There is a temptation in this scenario to duck this choice as there are so many great mens jeans that match this description. However, we’re opting for Lee Brooklyn Comfort jeans. Mens Lee jeans are stylish, easy to wear and are available at great prices that won’t break the bank. In terms of bang for book, Lee jeans are up there with Wrangler for providing top quality denim at a reasonable price. There are a number of mens Wrangler jeans that could also fit this bill but we like the blend offered by Lee Brooklyn jeans and for our purposes here, we think that their comfort jeans range is one of the best denims you can buy.


Mens Jeans For Your Body Type – Tall & Thin

There are many different varieties of men in the world. Thankfully, there are just as many different types of mens jeans to choose from. So what are the best jeans to buy for you? Let’s look at men who are tall and thin to begin with.

Men’s Jeans For Tall Thin Men

One of the biggest mistakes that men who are tall and thin when it comes to choosing mens jeans is a preference for skinny jeans. These jeans can look great on some guys, but on guys who are particularly skinny, they emphasise that skinniness, making you look even smaller. None of this is an absolute as with all these reviews we are playing to an archetype. If you think you look good in ultra skinny jeans then don’t let us stop you from choosing those jeans. Generally speaking however, skinny jeans require a fuller leg in order to provide the maximum effect.

For you guys, we would recommend a set of straight leg. These jeans will look great on you and won’t accentuate the skinniness of your legs. In addition they tend to have a longer fit as well.

We recommend: Wrangler Texas Stretchmens wrangler jeans stonewash

When it comes to regular, straight jeans, we can think of few jeans better than Wrangler Texas Stretch. They are the perfect mix of great quality and good looks at great value. Starting in at only £34.99 here at Jean Scene these jeans look good on pretty much any body type. However, if you’re looking for men’s jeans for a tall and thin man then they really are the way to go.

They come in a range of styles and are also made from a range of materials from corduroy to a more lightweight set of jeans. You can buy extra tough ones in their toughmax range or you can opt for water resistant pairs. The range of different styles is great and ideal for any tall and thin man.

Men’s Jeans For Work

Apple execs are becoming famed for the denim and plain shirt look. There are so many men’s jeans you can consider for the casual work look. Which pairs do we think are best? Let’s look at two of our favourite brands to discuss the idea.

Our Mens Jeans For Work

wrangler jeans for workWrangler Texas Stretch

One of the most important things to consider when considering the mens jeans work look is why are you doing it? Because you want to be more comfortable. And no jeans are more comfortable for men than mens Wrangler jeans. Now these jeans need to maximise style and comfort, so we’re going to look at Wrangler Texas Stretch, best of both worlds.

A sober colour is important, so we recommend the Blue Black colour. Black jeans can look harsh, so a very dark blue (hence Blue Black) makes perfect sense. Combine this with what Wrangler are famed for in their comfortable, attractive look and you’re set. Team this with maybe a light blue or white shirt and you’re wet. It’s not likely to go with a red colour, but it will balance beautifully if you stick to these other colours.

lee jeans for workMen’s Lee Jeans

Another great choice are Lee Jeans. They have similar properties to Wrangler in that they look and feel great. For this one however, I want to hold up a set of my favourite jeans, made from a more lightweight cotton.

I often get told that these aren’t really jeans, but this doesn’t worry me. They’re made by the same great company and the look and feel great. They look much more stylish than any set of jeans can and in the particular colour I’ve chosen, they could easily be confused for shirt trousers. But they are comfortable, attractive and more importantly great to wear for long periods.

But whatever your style, jeans and shirts are in and they are a welcome relief to all those shackled to desks!